The Best Communications Schools In Canada 2021

The Best Communications Schools In Canada 2021
The Best Communications Schools In Canada 2021

The study of media and means of communication is one of the most important academic studies affecting the world due to the tremendous change in information technology and its spread across the globe. So, media and communication have become essential means of transmitting the information.

Canada is one of the leading countries that offer various and different programs in this field. Through a group of prestigious universities that give the student a lot of experience and training and qualify him to launch into the labour market excellently, making it one of the significant universities in the world.


The Best Communications Schools In Canada 2021


10. University of Windsor

Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Windsor helps students be equipped for the new world of communication and media. Windsor teaches them how to master integrated marketing and digital advertising strategies like sponsorship, public relations, and Digital Journalism and much more. The QS World University Rankings is 451-500. It has 2,414 International Students.


9. Western University

The Information & Media Studies faculty at Western University focuses on keeping up with all the modern theories and technologies related to social media. Therefore, a specialist in this field can better deal with different media and everything associated. The QS World University Rankings is 203. It has 6,033 International Students.


8. York University

Department of Communication & Media Studies at the York University Students use code and programming as tools for creative expression in forms such as games, immersive environments, 3D, the Internet of Things (IoT), interactive performance, and data visualization in the Communication School’s programs. The QS World University Rankings is 531-540. It has 11,415 International Students.


7. University of Alberta

Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Alberta explores the strategies, devices, and technologies that perpetuate, change, and influence messages, narratives, images, sounds, and experiences. The QS World University Rankings is 119. It has 9,272 International Students.


6. Université de Montréal

The Communication school at the University of Montreal aims to train professionals to work in the new reality of the world of communication and to master the different aspects of integrated communication, such as advertising, sponsorship, public relations, direct marketing, etc. The QS World University Rankings is 118. It has 8,351 International Students.


5. Simon Fraser University

School of Communication at Simon Fraser University Practical Program is provided in the media and the field. You will also have the opportunity to produce your reports, host radio programs, or get them published in a newspaper. The QS World University Rankings is 323.


4. Concordia University

Department of Communication Studies at the Concordia University broadcasters are known for their strong communication capabilities and expertise in digital storytelling for television, radio, social media and online. You should enhance your capabilities at Concordia. The QS World University Rankings is 477. It has 11,342 International Students.


3. University of British Columbia

School of Journalism, Writing, and Media at UBC School of Communication, Social Communication explores how information is perceived, transmitted, and understood. It also examines the impact of various means of communication on society. The QS World University Rankings is 45.


2. McGill University

McGill University’s School of Communication offers you opportunities to explore interdisciplinary practices, collaboration and research, and conceptual and social issues in various media arts, including film making. The QS World University Rankings is 31. It has 10,915 International Students.


1. University of Toronto

The College of Communication at the University of Toronto provides the necessary facilities for the modern media job market. We live in the information age, and our society needs highly knowledgeable graduates who have advanced knowledge of the nature, function and development of communications. The QS World University Rankings is 25. It has 25,844 International Students.